Type: Tiny Insect
Number: 1-10
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +6/75
Stamina: 1
Attack: 30
Damage: 1d10
Special Attack: Explode and drive their heads into victims
Special Defense: None
Native World: Starmist – All habitable environments

Puff-Puckers are a type of insect native to the planet Starmist, in the Sundown system.


A puff-pucker looks like a fat, slimy, white grub. It is about 100 mm long. The shiny black head of the creature is about 20 mm long. The body of the insect generates hydrogen gas allowing it to float on the breezes through forest, swamps, and mountains. When within 3m of living beings they will, on a percentile die roll of 50 or less, explode, driving their tiny black heads into the bodies of their victims as if they were bullets from a projectile weapon. Treat inertia fields and skein suits as if a pistol had been fired. If a puff-pucker does not explode it will drift harmlessly. A roll must be made for each character within range. If a puff-pucker is exploded by any means within 20m of a creature there is a 10% chance the creature will be hit.

The embedded head of the puff-pucker can only be removed by some sort of surgery. Otherwise an infection will result and the wound will not heal. After three days any character or animal with a head still embedded will die of poison.

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