Type: Large Carnivore
Number: 1-5
Move: Fast – 90 meters/turn
IM/RS: +6/60
Stamina: 180
Attack: 50
Damage: 3d10 harpoon
Special Attack: Harpoon can strike foes 5m away
Special Defense: Chitinous exoskeleton acts like skeinsuit, reducing damage from non-energy attacks by half
Native World: Volturnus – forests


Queequegs have barrel-shaped bodies with three jointed legs arranged like a tripod, and three eyes spaced evenly around the body so it can see all directions at once. They have a hard exoskeleton that matches the color of the plants where they live, providing a natural camouflage. Its mouth is in its underbelly, surrounded by small tentacles. A single 5-meter-longtentacle grows from the top of the body. The long tentacle tapers to a point with a razor-sharp barb.

The queequeg attacks by whipping this tentacle at its prey like a harpoon. Once the tentacle hits a target the sharp barb makes it difficult to pull out. The queequeg then pulls the victim to its mouth in one turn, and holds the prey with the filaments while devouring it. A character that is being eaten automatically takes 2d10 points of damage each turn until rescued. The victim can not fight back once he is held in the small tentacles. If characters attack the harpoon tentacle and cause 20 points of damage, the tentacle is severed.

The hard exoskeleton is very effective defense against physical damage. In game terms, it acts as a skeinsuit against all non-energy damage (reducing all incoming attack damage by one half).

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