Proton sword

The RAFLUR M-0 ( more commonly known as the "proton sword"), is a 20cm long cylinder that is 4cm in diameter with a detachable cap on one end and an emitter nozzle on the other. Unlike other weapons in the RAFLUR line, a standard powerclip can be inserted in the hilt via the detachable cap, or a beltpack/backpack cord can be utilized as well without the usual power feedback issues associated with other proton weapons.

Pushing a single activator button will produce a visible white beam of proton energy that can be adjusted from half a meter to a full meter in length. The beam makes a crackling noise, similar to other RAFLUR weapons discharging.

The weapon causes 5d10 damage on a successful hit, draining 2 SEU per hit. It masses one kilogram and costs 300 credits where available, and the applicable defense is the simp suit or screen. A +10 modifier is added to the user's chance to hit.

This is a not part of the established Star Frontiers Canon.

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