Robocom Kit - vintage case

The Robcomkit, sometimes called a robocom kit, is a specialized assortment of tools used by Robotics and Computer Specialists, for servicing robots and computers on the field. It weighs between 10 and 15 kg, depending on model,[1] and like the techkit, is designed to be carried in a backpack.

A fully-stocked standard Robcom kit costs 500 Cr.

A standard robcomkit contains the following:

  • Breadboard circuits — 5 standard boards for mounting robot circuitry
  • Calipers — capable of taking measurements as small as .001 mm
  • Components — box of transistors, diodes and computer chips for robot circuits
  • Demagnetizer — electrical tool to demagnetize fouled circuits
  • Electrodriver — rotates all shapes and size of screws and bolts
  • Electrosnips — powered metal-cutting shears (sheet metal only)
  • Insulated wire — 10 meters
  • lon Bonding Tape — 10 cm wide x 5 m long, bonds directly to any metal
  • Lasoldering iron — pen-sized laser soldering iron
  • Magnetic by-pass clips — 10 small connectors used to short-circuit wiring
  • Miniature flashlight — 20 hours of light; magnetized handle
  • Needlenose pliers — similar to 20th century tool
  • Oscilloscope — miniaturized viewer which displays information on electrical flow and other aspects of circuitry
  • Spray cleaner — spray solvent to remove dirt from the robot's works; 10 applications
  • Spray lubricant — 10 applications of pressurized synthoil
  • Spray waterproofing — will insulate circuits, cloth, etc., from moisture; five applications
  • Sonic Scalpel — tool for cutting plastic, metal or flesh; makes a smooth, bloodless incision up to 5 mm deep
  • Solder — 1-meter roll of conductive soft metal

Expendable components are restocked as part of normal character expenses and upkeep.


  1. The description notes 15kg, while the cost/weight tables notes 10kg.
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