Rogue Crystals
Rogue Crystals
Type: Special, silicon-based life
Number: 1-5
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +4/35
Stamina: 110
Attack: 50, Range as sonic disruptor, electrostunner, or laser pistol
Damage: As a sonic disruptor, electrostunner, or laser pistol set to 4 SEU
Special Attack: see below
Special Defense: see below
Native World: Volturnus – Anywhere underground


Rogue Crystals are another Eorna experiment gone wrong. The Eorna managed to foster silicon-based life, but failed at all attempts to make such life forms intelligent. At the point where semi-intelligence was reached, the silicon crystal life form invariably turned on its creator, as if it had an instinctive hatred for carbonbased life forms. The Eorna eventually gave up. Some of the creatures escaped, however, and still survive.

Rogue crystals are indistinguishable from Eorna crystal sculptures to anyone except an Eorna. The first time the player characters encounter rogue crystals, the rogue crystals will attack with surprise. Rogue crystals store energy which can be released as sound, light, or electricity. Treat the rogue crystals as if firing a sonic disruptor, a laser pistol, or an electrostunner. Only one attack per turn may be made. The first attack of a rogue crystal will be a random choice of energy. The creature will switch to other energy types if the first attack is negated by a defensive screen or suit. Rogue crystals also have a melee attack which will be used instead of an energy attack if an opponent closes to melee combat.

Rogue crystals take half damage from the following weapons: all laser weapons, all sonic weapons, electric swords, electrostunners, shock gloves and stunsticks. Rogue crystals are immune to gasses which affect carbonbased life forms, such as the gas in doze grenades, poison grenades, and the tear gas effect of smoke grenades.

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