Type: Large Omnivore
Number: 1-5
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +5/45
Stamina: 150
Attack: 50
Damage: 4d10 claw/bite
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – caverns and ruins


A roller is a large herbivore named for its unusual "steam roller" type organ. This organ is actually a huge, cylindrical, hide-covered mass of bone and cartilage attached to two frontal limbs by ball and socket joints. The organ is used to crush the shard grass on which the creature feeds. The mouth of the roller is located on its underside. The crushed shards from the digestible shoots of grass are sucked up into this mouth. Internal organs of the creature separate the glass-like shards from the digestible shoots of grass. The indigestible shards are then stored in a special organ and used as missile weapons for the creature's rear defense. The roller has four normal limbs used for locomotion. The two eyes of the creature are located on the head near the large ears. The head does not have a mouth. A roller has a thick hide that protects it from being cut by shard grass.

Rollers are generally docile creatures, and will not attack unless frightened or attacked themselves. They are usually found grazing on the grassy plains of Volturnus in herds of 5 to 50. If a roller scores a successful hit upon a character, the victim must roll his Reaction Speed or less. If the roll is successful, the roller attack is avoided; if not, the unfortunate character suffers 8-80 points of damage. (Note: if avoiding the roller means flinging oneself into the shard grass, the usual 1-10 points of damage will be taken.)

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