Racial Characteristics
Average Size: 2 meters tall
Average Mass: 100 kilograms
Average Lifespan: 60 years
Reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temperature: 36C
Ability Score Adjustments
Strength/Stamina: +?
Dexterity/Reaction Speed: +?
Intuition/Logic: +?
Personality/Leadership: +?
Movement Rates
Walking: (meters/turn) ?
Running: (meters/turn) ?
Hourly: (kilometers/hour) ?
Racial Abilities
Battle Rage


Bred by Renouf Associates at Hakosoar, in the Scree Fron system.

Physical Appearance and Structure

Sapes (or "super apes") are a specially-bred strain of 2-meter-tall, muscular, ape-like creatures originating on the Yazirian world Hakosoar. They have two long arms with five fingers on each hand, and two legs with five toes on each foot. Overall joint and muscle placement is similar to that of Humans or Yazirians. Long thick fur covers the entire Sape's body except for the face, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.


The Sape's senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are similar to those of a Human's.


Sape speak their own language which consists entirely of simple, one- or two-word phrases, and normally wear poly-voxes programmed to translate Sape into Pan-Galactic and vice-versa.

Society and Customs

Despite their breeding, sapes retain vestiges of their primitive origins and will resort to violence under extreme conditions. They have been bred by Renouf Associates of Hakosoar (Scree Fron) as an alternative to robots in certain applications. Sapes are currently being tested in a wide variety of settings (hidden from the prying eyes of the larger corporations). Renouf Associates hope to be able to sell sapes on the basis of their cheapness (about 2,500 credits each), low running costs (about 10Cr/day), versatility, strength and agility. The corporation also maintains that members of the major races (especially Humans and Yazirians) will prefer sapes to robots, especially when working in isolated situations. At present, however, sapes are generally mistrusted by people and governments.

Ownership of a sape is illegal without a license, and such licenses are only granted to large corporations. Sapes are about as intelligent as a four-year-old Human and learn quickly, especially by mimicry.


They are bred to be docile and obedient and will normally obey any one- or two-word command given by a member of one of the major races unless this will expose the sape to obvious danger. Thus sapes will not normally obey orders to attack, and they will never attack other sapes. Sapes will ignore commands given via intercoms etc., or from robots.

Special Abilities

Battle Rage: A sape can attack with bare hands and feet - either to kick/punch or wrestle. Kicking/punching allows a sape two attacks per turn each inflicting 2d10 points of damage. When wrestling, sapes have a +5% chance of gaining a hold. Wrestled victims have a -5% penalty on attempts to escape and suffer 3d10 points of damage per turn. At the start of any combat, sapes have a 50% chance of going into battle rage which gives them a +20% bonus to hit in melee.

(Sapes appear in the module SF5 "Bugs in the System". Additional art and info by Ragnarr)

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