The Sathar Obelisk (or Sathar Artifact) is a device left by the Sathar on the planet Volturnus to warn them if certain conditions were met indicating that the inhabitants of the planet might become a threat to them again.[1]

The obelisk is a 20 meter tall, tapering metallic pyramid with 40 meter long sides standing in the middle of a dry, grassy plain. At the top of the pyramid there is a bowl-shaped device that rotates at high speed. There are various protrusions on the device as well. There are, however, no obvious entrances or openings.

The obelisk is entered through a hidden tunnel 10 meters in front of the north wall, buried 20 meters deep.

Mechanically, the obelisk is a combination of several devices: a radio telescope, a transmitter, and an automated anti-aircraft laser. It is protected by series of traps, a disembodied Sathar brain which controls several slavebots. as well as a Sathar attack robot.

Notes and References Edit

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