Automatic Rifle

Semiautomatic rifles look like their automatic counterpart but lack the firing mode selector switch.

Semiautomatic Rifle Edit

Semiautomatic rifles[1] are the companion firearms to semiautomatic pistols. They share most of the characteristics of automatic rifles, except for being cheaper and lacking burst-fire capability. In most communities on the frontier, they are considered a "civilian" weapon used for hunting or home defense. Consequently, they are less regulated.

Ammunition compatibility Edit

The semiautomatic rifle uses its own round that is interchangeable with that of the automatic rifle and the man-portable machine gun, although for use with the machine gun the rounds must be taken out of the clip and inserted into an ammunition belt. The automatic pistol, although it does the same damage, is chambered for a shorter round, and the vehicle-mounted machine gun and the advanced combat rifle share a different caliber.

Blk Ltng, Iron Sights - 05-550

Semiautomatic rifle


Notes and References Edit

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