Main Deck - SS Serena Dawn

The starliner Serena Dawn was a starship chartered by the government of Truane's Star to carry out a combination exploration and search-and-rescue mission on the planet Volturnus in the Zebulon system after contact with an earlier mission was lost.

During the liner's final approach to the planet, a band of pirates led by the notorious Captain Slag attempted to hijack the vessel. The ensuing fight caused severe damage, forcing everyone aboard who was able to abandon ship..

The last lifeboat to escape[1] carried the exploration team down to the surface. No trace of the ship, the pirates that took her, or the crew was found when a rescue mission arrived some time later.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

Serena Dawn has decks beyond the one seen on the map: recreation areas, an observation dome, the galley, first class living quarters, and fuel storage.[2]

Ship's Compliment[edit | edit source]

Based on the map, the Serena Dawn has a complement of 15; two officers and 13 crew. She ship also has at least six Journey-class, single-occupancy rooms, and space to hold 144 Storage Class passengers.

Artificial Gravity[edit | edit source]

Secondary Deck of Serena Dawn

Unlike FTL ships described in the Knight Hawks supplements, the Serena Dawn is capable of maintaining artificial gravity on the two decks for which maps are provided even after the engines have been disabled.[3] Given the lack of energy-based gravity producing technology in the Star Frontiers universe, this means that these two decks are most likely mounted on a section of the ship capable of rotating about the axis of the ship while the engines are off-line and of being re-oriented along the fore/aft axis of the ship while the engines are thrusting, most likely in the form of extend-able arm with a box-like structure or ring incorporating the sections.[4]

Upper Deck[edit | edit source]

Upper Deck Release to Public Domain by Dan Harlan

Based on the original main deck map and the Secondary Deck map, the following map as been extrapolated for the upper deck holding several first class cabins, a kitchen, dining room, lounge and observation area.

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  1. The module specifically mentions that only one of the two lifeboats in the bridge deck is left when the player characters enter Escape Bay, implying that the other had already ejected. The module further states that if player characters are killed, they could be replaced by other survivors from other escape pods from the Serena Dawn.
  2. SF-0: Crash on Volturnus pp. 5
  3. No mention is made on the module of zero-gravity movement and all maps and illustrations imply the existence of gravity, even after it is stated that the engines are off-line.
  4. Demonstrated by the dissimilarity in layout between the Serena Dawn and other ship deckplans published by TSR.
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