Type: Cybernetic
Number: 1-5
Move: Medium
IM/RS: +7/65
Stamina: 80
Attack: 50
Damage: By weapon type
Special Attack: Punching Score = 10
Special Defense: None
Native World: None

Slavebots are cybernetic beings created by Sathar science by melding robotic components to a living being, destroying their higher brain in the process, effectively turning them into living dead.

They were first encountered on Volturnus's "Artifact" by survivors of the Serena Dawn disaster.


Slavebots were created to guard Sathar installations. Slavebots are cybernetic combinations of living beings and machines. The biological part of the slavebot is the obtained from a captured enemy. Most of the higher brain is replaced by a cybernetic implant. The slavebot is controlled by a disembodied Sathar brain kept in special liquid solution. The brain is almost immortal since there are no other body parts to age. The Sathar brain is linked to a radio transmitter that sends coded signals. These are then received by the slavebot so that direct control is possible. The slavebots on Volturnus are Eorna captured in the battle that nearly wiped out the Eorna race. A supply of captured victims is kept in cryogenic storage to provide replacements for worn-out slavebots.

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