Type: Medium Carnivore
Number: 1-2
Move: Medium
IM/RS: +6/60
Stamina: 75
Attack: 55
Damage: 2d10 bite
Special Attack: Spits acidic poison
Special Defense: None
Native World: Starmist – Meadows and Grasslands


Snikkers are grass snakes, approximately 2-3m long and 500 mm thick. They move silently through the high grass of plains and meadows in the rifts. Occasionally they lift the forepart of their bodies to look for enemies or prey. A tapering dorsal fin runs from the back of the skull to the tail. When the snikker spits venom the fin extends fully. Snikkers vary in color from pale green to a dark maroon during moments of excitement. The snikker can spit twice at full effect; then it must rely on its bite as its venom will be exhausted.

Snikker venom will hit as a ranged weapon to a distance of 20m. Base attack for the venom spray is 70%, subject to modifiers such as cover or wind. Inertia screens have no effect on the venom. Venom will penetrate any type of protective suit within 1d10 melee turns. Damage to individuals is 1d10+5 plus an additional 1d10 of damage for two consecutive turns as the combined acid/poison works on skin. Some method of neutralizing secondary damage may be possible. This type of acidic poison is extremely valuable.

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