Not to be confused with Snobol; a moon and space station in orbit of the planet Venturi, in the Belnafaer system.

Snowball is the only habitable planet in the Liberty system.

Climate: Arctic; land masses and oceanic areas covered by kilometers deep ice sheets.
Atmosphere: 80% nitrogen, 17% oxygen, 3% trace elements
Gravity: .924
Diameter: 12,000 km
Day: 32 hours
Temperature: -150 C at the poles to 5 C at the equator
Moons: 1 - Akhala, completes orbit every 23 days, inhabited
Satellite Settlements: 2 - L4 Station and L5 Station

Description[edit | edit source]

Snowball has always been at the cooler edge of her star's life zone; substantial sheets of ice covered the poles and a narrow temperate zone ringed the equator. Still, vegetation and life flourishing in this thin temperate belt, culminating in an intelligent hominid that is strikingly similar to the Human race - the Mhemne (MEM-nee).

The main concentrations of Mhemne population are:

Akhala: 2 million
Stations L4 & L5: 10,000 each
Asteroid belt: 500,000?
Snowball's surface: 1,000 - 2,000?

Station L4 can produce Destroyer class starships. The shipyard at Station L5 was heavily damaged/destroyed when the Sathar departed the system. This shipyard originally produced Assault Carriers and Fighters.

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