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The Spacer skill is a collection of abilities common to Spacers. Because one of these abilities is fairly powerful, the Spacer skill is always treated as a Secondary Skill in terms of advancement costs.

Subskills[edit | edit source]

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The Spacer skill includes the following subskills:

  • Jack of All Trades: (25% + 5%/level) Through a combination of cross-training and experience, Spacers tend to pick up the rudiments of other skills. The character may attempt to perform any Spaceship or Technological related skill at a reduced rate.[2]
  • Awareness: (15% + 10%/level) Spacers spend so much time needing to be alert for signs of impending trouble either with equipment or with crew-mates that they develop a form of "sixth sense" as to when something might be wrong with either man or machine.[3]
  • Zero-G Maneuvering: (40%+10% /level) Spacers are much more experienced in living/working in zero-g than non-spacers. Instead of using the standard 1/2 RS check in zero-g situations, spacers use this skill instead.

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

  • This skill created by ChrisDonovan.
  1. from the FrontierExplorer website, image created by Don Freeman
  2. Obviously, they will never be as good as a character who specializes in that skill.
  3. This check should be used most often by the GM secretly, so as not to tip off the players that potential danger exists.

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