Star Frontiers Powerclip by Sings-With-Spirits

Standard Energy Units (SEU) are a standardized unit of measurement in the Frontier commonly used for power supplies. They measure the output of a Power Generator, and the capacity of power packs and batteries.[1]

SEUs are generally stored in multi-capacitor, single-use (i.e. non-rechargeable) devices such as Powerclips, mini-powerclips and power discs, or in rechargeable active-matrix devices such as Power Beltpacks, Power Backpacks and Parabatteries.

The value of an SEU is generally standardized at 5 credits and often serves as a commodity in trade when electronic banking is not available.


  1. For purposes of basic reference, 1 SEU has been calculated to be the equivalent of approximately 1,000 joules (1 kJ). For civilian usage, an average person in the Frontier uses approximately 0.25 SEU per year, based on present-day kWhr usage.
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