Star Frontiers Powerclip by Sings-With-Spirits

Standard Energy Units (SEU) are a standardized unit of measurement in the Frontier commonly used for power supplies. They measure the output of a Power Generator, and the capacity of power packs and batteries.[1]

SEUs are generally stored in multi-capacitor, single-use (i.e. non-rechargeable) devices such as Powerclips, mini-powerclips and power discs, or in rechargeable active-matrix devices such as Power Beltpacks, Power Backpacks and Parabatteries.

The value of an SEU is generally standardized at 5 credits and often serves as a commodity in trade when electronic banking is not available.


  1. For purposes of basic reference, 1 SEU has been calculated to be the equivalent of approximately 1,000 joules (1 kJ).
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