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The Standard Equipment Pack contains many useful items but dose not include any weapons other then a single doze grenade. A Standard Equipment Pack costs 150 Credits,[1] and only weighs 1kg.

This pack contains the following:

  • 1 Chronocom
  • 1 pair of Coveralls
  • 1 Doze Grenade
  • 1 First Aid Pack, with the following:
    • Spray Bandage (Plastiflesh) — 1 can of spray which closes up wounds and heals burns
    • Antiseptic Spray — 1 can of spray to clean and disinfect a skin area
    • Spray Hypodermic (Spray Hypo) — syringe used to give shots without a needle
      • 1 dose of Stimdose — to revive unconscious individuals
      • 1 dose of Staydose — to sustain a dying person for 20 hours
  • ID Card
  • 1 Pocket Tool
  • 1 package of Survival Rations (enough food for 1 person for five days)

Most of the items of the Standard Equipment Pack are included in Emergency Survival Packs.

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

  1. The 250 Cr mentioned in Alpha Dawn Expanded Rulebook pp. 4 is incorrect. (Source: Dragon Magazine #85 "Star Questions")
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