Mark of the Star Devil pirate clan

The Star Devil pirate band was a pirate organization whose operations began in 47 FY.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The vrusk CEO of MINER (Mining for Industrial use of Natural Earth Resources), a corporation on Pale (Truane's Star), was kidnapped and subsequently killed. His body was never recovered. His will called for the liquidation of MINER, with all monies then deposited into a private bank account. It was widely believed that a rival company was responsible for his death.

In reality, the vrusk had faked both his kidnapping and his death, then assumed a new identity as the Star Devil. His initial plan was to set up an illegal mining operation on Volturnus (Zebulon) before the government of Pale could develop the planet itself.. To help realize his plans, he drew on the private bank account his will had set up. As time went on, he also became involved in general pirating operations.

During the "War of the Pales", the Star Devil approached the Pan-Galactic Corporation and worked out an agreement: Using bases in the Gruna Garu, Prenglar, and Dixon'’s Star systems, the Devil would use his ships to transport weapons purchased from WarTech Incorporated to the Husps on New Pale while Pan-Galactic would front the cost of the weapons themselves.

Members of the Star Devil´s pirate band were tattooed with the band´s mark: a pitchfork-wielding devil surrounded by a circle of stars. Despite the prevalent Human symbology, the band included Vrusk, Yazirians and Dralasites as well.

Gun-running proved profitable for both PGC and the Devil, allowing the latter to build a potent force. The Devil was able to develop Volturnus before Pale could do it, while keeping Streel busy investing money in the war effort instead of in business projects that would compete with PGC. The Devil used his profits to expand his network of pirate bases to the Araks, Athor, and Scree Fron star systems. This activity went on from 54 FY to 63 FY.

In 63 FY he began putting his Volturnus mining plans into operation. This same year also saw the end of the Pale-New Pale war. In cooperation with the Pale militia, Streel made an effort to end the war by pouring millions into the militia's coffers. Confronted by an army of far superior quantity and quality, the Husps were soon crushed despite the best efforts of PGC and the Devil to save them.

By F.Y. 64, Streel became aware of the long-abandoned Zebulon colonization attempt. It urged the new government to develop the system claimed twenty years ago, even helping to finance a new Planetary Research division. The division sent an exploratory team three and a half months (140 days) into F.Y. 64 which disappeared.. Nine months later, a second expedition was sent which discovered the Devil's operations on Voltunus and destroyed them.

Alternate Interpretation[edit | edit source]

It has long been rumored that the pirate known as Star Devil was a lieutenant of the infamous Hatzck Naar. What is known for certain is that the Star Devil ran MINER as a front company before faking his death. As the Star Devil, he operated clandestinely out of the Zebulon system, raping the mineral wealth of Volturnus with slave labor.[2]

The Star Devil's actions lead directly to the activating of the Sathar Obelisk, drawing the Sathar back to Volturnus in the first major Sathar incursion into the Frontier following the First Sathar War. His pirate band was all but destroyed on Volturnus and though his body was never recovered he is presumed dead.

Legends Never Die[3][edit | edit source]

alleged new Star Devil clan mark

Spacers love nothing more than a good legend, and the legend of the Star Devil refuses to die. Whispers say that the clan mark of the Star Devil has reappeared. Whether it's the original Devil himself or a successor, no one knows (or if they do, they aren't saying). Star Law refuses to comment.

Notes and References[edit | edit source]

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