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Herein is presented a list of adventure modules for Star Frontiers published by TSR.

Alpha Dawn Adventures[]

Assault on Starship Omicron (Mini-Module included with Referee's Screen)

The Volturnus Cycle[]

SF-0: Crash on Volturnus
SF-1: Volturnus, Planet of Mystery
SF-2: Starspawn of Volturnus

Stand-alone adventures[]

SF-3: Sundown on Starmist
SF-4: Mission to Alcazzar
SF-5: Bugs in the System (TSR UK Division)
SF-6: Dark Side of the Moon (TSR UK Division)

Knight Hawks Adventures[]

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SFKH-0: Warriors of White Light
SFKH-1: Dramune Run

Beyond the Frontier Trilogy[]

SFKH-2: Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes
SFKH-3: Face of the Enemy
SFKH-4: The War Machine

A Space Oddysey[]

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2001: A Space Odyssey
2010: Odyssey Two