Stimdose Hypo

Staydose is a last-ditch-use drug used to place a dying person into a state of near-suspended animation for 24 hours, hopefully long enough to give the person proper medical attention.

Staydose is included in Standard Equipment Packs and in survival kits, as well as in Medkits.

Game RulesEdit

A medic (character with the Medical skill) may apply one dose of staydose with a Hypo Spray in order to place a individual in a state of arrested animation. A character whose Stamina has been reduced to 0 (but not below -30) can be brought back to life if the drug is injected within one minute (10 turns) after death. Staydose slows down the character's heartbeat and breathing so she or he can survive with no Stamina points. If the character's Stamina is brought back above 0 within 24 hours, he or she will live; If not, the character will die. Only one dose of Staydose can be given to a character, until his Stamina is raised above 0.[1]

The Staydose shot included in a Standard Equipment Pack is a self-contained disposable unit that includes instructions for application by individuals without the medical skill.[2]

Cost 5 Cr.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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