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Stimdose is a stimulant drug that is commonly applied trans-dermally through the use of a Spray Hypo.

A shot of Stimdose applied by a medic will wake up an unconscious or stunned character,[1] or to restore 10 stamina points to a character that was poisoned, or who contracted a disease or infection. If more than one dose is given in a 20 hour period, the second dose has no effect.[2]

Unlike other drugs, Stimdose may be used unskilled, but with different results; a Stimdose shot applied without the medical skill will still revive an unconscious character, but if applied to a conscious character, the Stimdose will give a character 10 extra Stamina points[3] for three (3) hours; after these three hours, the character loses these additional Stamina points and must rest without moving for twenty-four (24) hours.[4]

Stimdose will not revive a character whose Stamina has been reduced to zero (0) or less.

Stimdose is included in Standard Equipment Packs and in survival kits, as well as in Medkits.

Cost: 5 Cr per dose (Spray Hypo applicator not included)

Notes & References[]

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