Strangler Chutes
Strangler Chutes
Type: Large Herbivore
Number: 5-20
Move: Slow - 10m/turn on ground, Windspeed in air.
IM/RS: +3/25
Stamina: 150
Attack: None
Damage: 3 points/turn
Special Attack: Accidental attack (see below)
Special Defense: Electrical shock stuns for 1d10 turns if touched
Native World: Volturnus – wooded areas


Strangler chutes look like giant jellyfish floating in the air. They are 10 meters wide, but weigh only 50 kilograms. They move by rising on warm air and drifting through the skies. They communicate with each other by changing colors, and see with many eyespots located along the edge of their canopy.

Strangler chutes eat the leaves of trees by draping their bodies across the branches and releasing digestive fluids. Animals caught inside the chute automatically take three points of damage each turn. If a character is in or underneath a tree when a strangler chute lands on it, he must make a Reaction Speed check to escape. The body and tentacles of a strangler chute are electrified and any character that touches one must pass a Reaction Speed cheek or be stunned for 1d10 turns. If characters use ranged weapons to attack a chute that has entangled a companion, there is a 20% chance that any hit on the chute will cause equal damage to the trapped character.

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