Strike Force Nova

Strike Force NOVA

Strike Force NOVA is a special, highly-mobile Spacefleet task force that is based at Gran Quivera, but spends much time patrolling the travel lanes of the Frontier. During wars and engagements with Sathar fleets, NOVA has acted as a first response force.

The flagship of the fleet is the Battleship UPFS Admiral Clinton. In the First Sathar War, the Clinton was the flagship of Task Force Cassidine. More recently, Strike Force NOVA was reorganized to deal with an experimental robotic Sathar warship codenamed the Juggernaut.

Order of Battle (Second Sathar War)Edit

Secondary Bases Edit

  • Pale (Truane's Star)
  • Inner Reach (Dramune)
  • Terledrom (Fromeltar)
  • Zik-Kit (Kizk'-Kar)
  • Kenzah-kit (K'akan Kar)
  • Gollywog (White Light)
  • Kawdl-Kit (K'tsa-Kar

Reorganized Order of Battle (Day of the Juggernaut)Edit

  • UPFS Admiral Clinton (Battleship)
  • UPFS Zamra (Heavy Cruiser)
  • UPFS Grak (Heavy Cruiser)
  • UPFS Courage (Light Cruiser)
  • UPFS Glory (Light Cruiser)
  • UPFS Shimmer (frigate)
  • UPFS Zz'Nakk (frigate)
  • UPFS Z'Gata (frigate)
  • UPFS Driadia (frigate)
  • UPFS Scimitar (assault scout)
  • UPFS Dagger (assault scout)
  • UPFS Rapier (assault scout)
  • UPFS Lancet (assault scout)
  • UPFS Razor (assault scout)
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