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The Supporters of Mechano is a growing political organization that includes members of all the Frontier races. The Mechanites, as they are called, believe that the Mechanons are a sentient, sapient race (albeit of artificial origin) that deserves full citizenship in the UPF.

Though Mechanites began as a completely peaceful organization, their many encounters with the Silver Death Cult and the Anti-Satharian League have resulted in the death of many Mechanites and the formation of their own security forces. It is rumored that some extremists within the organization are forming a radical splinter group that believes the end justifies violent means.

Since one of the charges constantly being leveled against the Mechanons is their cooperation with the Sathar in subversive activities, many Mechanite investigations are aimed at discovering the truth behind these terrorist activities, with an eye on clearing the Mechanon name.

The Mechanites have centers on many planets. Their leader, a human named Mathias Prichard, is extremely charismatic and is the driving force behind the cult.

Notes and References Edit

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