Howdy guys.  Anything to work on?  I will expand the Mentalist PSA page as I have time.  Also, should I just toss out the Volturnus quest line and home brew from the start?Kamakiri88 (talk) 14:39, March 4, 2014 (UTC)

This Wiki is a mix of official rules/content, community fandom rules/content (namely the Star Frontiersmen and Frontier Explorer fanzins), and individual fan rules/content. Its a bit of a mess with what is official and what is fan-made info. So I have been adding notes at the bottom to note where the rules and content comes from. Beyond that, add what you want — this is an open Wiki.
Since I work on this Wkiki the most, I have been taking it easy here so I can focus on other Wikis. The last project I tried to got going were pages for each of the rulebooks. In a nutshell, they note what each book is about (Alpha Dawn = site adventure, Knight Hawks = spaceships, Zeb's Guide = massive and disjointed rule/setting expansion, etc.), what each offered that was new (rule systems, races, major events, etc.), and maybe some publication history (who made it, when and why). I left it out for anyone to work on, in anyway they see fit, as I never really set any standards for them. If you wish to work in it, or any other page, then by all means, any added help would be most appreciated.
(Oh yeah, I know that my spelling is not the best, and I deeply appreciate the various corrections I get on the meany Wikis I work on — I really do — but please refrain form editing other people's Profile page. I consider Profile pages to be personal pages used to establish oneself — mistakes and all.)
And welcome to the SF Wiki! Malcadon (talk) 16:48, March 4, 2014 (UTC)
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