Tangler Vines
Tangler Vines
Type: Plant
Number: 1-10
Move: None
IM/RS: +5/50
Stamina: 40
Attack: 50
Damage: 1d10 devour
Special Attack: Anesthetic thorns
Special Defense: Flowers attract Mordax insects. Fruit is an age retardant which causes mental regression
Native World: Volturnus – Ruins

Tangler Vines are a carnivorous mutation of normal vines, created accidentally by Eorna experiments. They are normally found in the ruins of the Eorna city, clinging to ruined buildings like ivy.


The vines can attack victims within 10 meters. Tangler vines are covered with hollow thorns. The sap of the plant acts as an anesthetic for carbon-based life forms. A victim must roll his or her current Stamina or less on d100 or fall asleep. The sleeping are wrapped in the vines and then devoured.

The flowers of the vine attract mordax, a type of large flying insect whose sting is poisonous (S5/T5) to most species. At any time there will be 1-10 mordax hovering around the tangler vines.

The fruit of the tangler vine has the unique property of slowing down the aging process. This effect has not been duplicated in the chemical laboratories. As a side effect of the age slow-down, the individual will mentally regress, acting like a two year old child for 20 hours. For every fruit eaten, the individual will physically age only one month in two month's actual time.

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