The Flight Symbol - Humma Fleet Base

The Flight - Fochrik Alliance Fleet Symbol

The Flight is a small pan-national fleet in the Rim that is under control of a loose confederation called The Coalition.

The Flight is tasked with defending the Rim against outside treats, like the Sathar, or if need be, the Frontier.

The Flight is tasked with defending the Rim against outside treats, like the Sathar, or if need be, the Frontier.


The Rim Coalition is formed of three Interstellar Nations: the Capellan Free Merchants, the Fochrik Alliance and the Osak Hegemony; each has its own military (naval and ground forces) for defending their home system, but through association in the Rim Coalition, provides ships and troops for mutual defense.

In contrast to UPF Spacefleet, the Flight is more like a collection of planetary militias working together on a semi-permanent basis; each member provides its own education to its officers and maintains its own standards for enlisted crews, though command officers undergo additional training at the Flight Officer School at Stenmar (Kazak).

Humma FleetEdit

Fleet HQ are located on the moon of Gluk, orbiting Hum in the Fochrik system. The Humma Fleet prides itself in the high quality and training of its personnel and makes extensive use of Fighters and light carriers.

Capellan FleetEdit

The so-called “Ifshnit Navy” is, for all intents and purposes, a division of the Capellan Free Merchants and is organized more like a corporation than as a military; it derives its operating capital from transporting cargo and passengers throughout the Rim and Frontier. Most ships are well-built, low-maintenance armed freighters and liners, but few opponents underestimate them in battle twice.

Osak FleetEdit

Osaka military philosophy is more defensive than offensive; they control the only two fully military space stations in the Rim and use vast fleets of station and planet-based fighters to defend their holdings. The Osaka officer corps is among the finest in the Frontier or Rim sector but, much like Spacefleet, the fleet has a near-constant manpower shortage, especially since ship controls are incompatible with other Rim race physiologies.

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