They say it takes a special person to be a trigger man and it takes a real man to work the private sectors of the Frontier-- Colonel Johnson: Wet works Specialist (Second Satharian Wars).''

The private sectors of the Frontier are as vast as they are unique. Anything from Corporate Wars to Black Budget Intelligence Agencies: those who work in this business must be determined and unafraid to die in pursuit of the almighty Credit. Only those who have accepted death as their business and blood money as their pay can handle such a life. This is an individual-based business, no middle-man, no war crimes courts, just your weapons and the skills of your acquired trade.

Killing is business and business is good. Mega-Corporations play a large role in the fringes of known space. Most of the time corporations fund expeditions, lab experiments on remote worlds, and also help give security to those who are able to pay for it. But one problem with the mega corporations is that small dirty wars are fought amongst them for the control of materials or even certain high paying government contracts. Others reasons these wars seem to break out is when the corporations try to install their own version of a community amongst the many pirate outposts and smaller UPF funded colonies. Without certain government officials looking closely (due to "payroll" government officials) the corporations with the most money are able to do what they want when they wish.

Outside of the area known as colonized space (where most of the political influence out powers mega corporations and other groups) there are no real dirty wars. This place is considered a no touch zone for most disputes. Even if the Corp Wars or small dirty wars were to reach civilized space there wouldn’t be a chance of real open war.

Unlike the fringes of known space the civilized portion of space has more Star Law police officers and government funded civil defense soldiers to stop any sort of conflict from happening or stop it in mid flight. Now if a person was to travel further towards the fringes of known space then the Corporations hold the power along with other "government" sanctioned groups, or even the possibility of Satharian followers.

Wars are fought amongst the stars of this portion of space. Corporations fight for resources such as planets where they can allow their companies to thrive and produce materials better than the corporations.

Much of the "Private Sector" of known space are involved with these "Dirty Wars" or "Corporate Wars". Many famous private security contractors come out wealthier than they come in. Corporations accept those with previous military experience and use the mercs to hunt down corporate overseers of opposing corporations. This allows corporations themselves to keep from being "involved" directly with the Corporate disputes and makes it to where if those who get caught they can say they have no such records of those individuals.

Most Star Law officers either bought off or even killed. Political leaders in these areas are either enemies or valuable allies to the Corporations. Many of those who choose opposition call for help from the Special Forces or Star Law officers. Many will answer the call but not many are able to survive as well as say the civilized portions of space. Those who decide to side with the corporations (or even the hundreds of other groups in the area) grab political immunity for those who work for the groups or corporations.

Even though much of the fringes of known space are controlled by the UPF and are technically under jurisdiction of Star Law. But, with more and more deaths of political officials and officers the Fringes have become the interstellar "no man's-land". This makes it easier for corporations to roam freely as well as other groups. As a citizen of the UPF it is said d any who decide to move towards or to the fringes are no longer sanctioned by the UPF. Unless for some odd reason the UPF military or star law will not negotiate on terms of hostage situations. This makes it easier to keep what little portion of space they have under complete control of the UPF.

A crime committed in or around the Fringes is considered as a felony or death sentence inside the Frontier. War criminals and such are hunted down and either executed or captured for trial. Inmost cases the UPF will only act if UPF citizens are involved. Meanwhile Star Law may search and secure evidence in the fringes of known space but are known for doing so.

With every great adventure in the Frontier you constantly run across Satharian controlled/funded organizations all around the Frontier and the edges of known space. Many of these groups may be made up of professional mercenaries or even ragtag rebels without a cause. Most of these organizations are known for their hit and run tactics or their extreme likeliness towards high explosives and space stations or outposts in the fringes of known space.

As your character makes their way into the fringes of known space he or she will be either confronted by these organizations to join or be shot at by these organizations. Unless you are a professional soldier or a good shot you aren't going to make the bigger groups. The smaller organizations actually try to recruit the inexperienced because if that member dies it is a lot easier to replace unlike say a highly trained merc.

Those who side against these groups (sometimes corporations or local political governments) will offer rewards for certain members of a group being captured or killed. These will make any adventurer rich, but after hunting so many of these people they begin to either trying to recruit you or hunt you down using their resources amongst the local governments or corporations.

Many of those who side with the Satharians only do it out of money. So, this means that you could try and bribe such people for information. If these people trust you they will consider you as an asset. Losing this trust can and will get you killed. Many of those who are part of the Star Law branches that have been trying to clean up the mess of the Satharian Sympathizers are usually the ones who allow these groups to continue their work. This in turn gives work and confiscated goods to the departments who end up working on the cases of these groups.

If at any time the UPF military comes out to conduct "search and destroy" missions these groups are able to hide among the different planet systems or hidden bases that are either in the gas giants or asteroid fields of stars systems. Most of the "search and destroy" missions are often carried out by UPF Special Forces or some UPF "unofficial" government intelligence agency. In most of these missions those involved (soldiers or operatives) are told to secure important Satharian technology if any and even capture those in direct contact with their Satharian contacts.

Many of the organizations that have ties to the Satharian people or are in contact with the satharians will be added later to this section.

Espionage is another profession of the fringes of known space. Those who are involved in this area of the private sector are the Satharians, the UPF, Star Law Department Two, and even the Mega-Corporations.

Since the end of the last three Satharian Wars the Sathar have gone to more unique techniques to crumble the Frontier sector. Using their espionage agents the Sathar are able to recruit humans, vrusk, yazarians, and even dralasites to help them fight small dirty wars. Using Guerilla Warfare and plenty of explosives these groups help sabotage key UPF and mega-corporation operations. The Satharian agents captured automatically kill themselves with some unknown agent. This makes them very deadly are even harder to get information out of them.

The UPF is famous for their disposable heroes known as the UPF Intelligence Agency. Many have seen what this organization can do. They specialize in counter-espionage and even in espionage. This organization is not allowed inside the Frontier borders but actually outside the "fringes" of known space (actually right on the border). Those who have been involved with UPF government black budget meetings know that the UPF Intelligence Agency is funded by the funds meant for military purposes. What many don’t know is what they are required to do in order to keep the UPF borders from falling to the Satharian invasion forces.

Unlike the main Star Law departments, Star Law Department Two is very unique. It comprises of ex-UPF Special Forces and even retired corporate mercenaries. Also this police force mainly works in counter-espionage and espionage. They are only permitted inside the Frontier UPF political boundaries only if they are working on capturing Satharian sympathizers or even those who are getting some kind of collaboration out of the Sathar to insight lawlessness inside the UPF infrastructure. This organization doesn’t have to work with the protocols of the Star Law police but more on the terms of military and intelligence agencies.

By law a mega-corporation cant part take in espionage (due to UPF security issues). But who hasn't seen it. Some corporations are actually hired as "contracted" espionage. These corporations work for Star Law or the UPF directly. But there are a handful that actually are excepted by those contracting espionage agents. Corporations such as PanGal are considered out of the picture due to their extreme size and the massive amounts of leaked secrets. Smaller more trusted and easy to watch corporations are contraced. Corporations such as Alpha Eagle or Dark Nebula are famous for having contracting services for both spies for hire and mercs. But other corporations fund secret branches to spy on other corporations and sometimes even sabotage their efforts to help open contracts. It is also known that any corporate employees that have ties to such branches are either ex-UPF military or war criminals who helped the Satharian invasions during the first and second Satharian War.

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