• Can you name the three known homages in the art for the game?

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    • There is a definite influence from Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica not only in some clothing, but in the ubiquitous red stripe on vehicles.

      The classic Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers aesthetic can be clearly seen in the early art and fashion, with a good dose of 1950s/60s classics like Forbidden Planet and Lost in Space; the robot art is particularly influenced by this.

      Then there is the Old West aesthetic that can be found in some of the very early artwork.

      Later modules have a strong Space: 1999 influence in their artwork (particularly the UK ones), as well as from Alien... but most sci fi of the era was heavily influenced by that aesthetic.

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      I surrender!  Actually, I didn't know about those or hadn't consciously processed  them.  I was talking about the homages to Space Academy (the Plannarion asteroid belt pirate base), The Gil Gerrard Buck Rogers (same image) and Gene Roddenberry's failed Planet Earth pilot.
      Homage 1

      Space Academy and Thunderfighter

      The other influence I detect (though I'm not 100% certain of is a bit of Heavy Metal (the magazne/movie) in some places.  Oh, and DSOTM feels a lot like a Bond movie.
      Homage 2

      needler pistol

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