Tiger Hawk Hovertank
Manufacturer: ZKO Industries
Cost to Own: N/A Cr
Rental Cost: N/A Cr plus N/A Cr/day
Propulsion Type: Hover
Top Speed: 200m/t (120kph)
Turn Speed: 70m/t (42kph)
Acceleration Speed: 60m/t
Deceleration Speed: 40m/t
Powerplant: x1 Type 4 Parabattery
Range: 1000km
Fuel Economy: 4 SEU/km
Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver, Gunner)
Passengers: 4
Cargo Limit: ??
Armaments: Vehicle Heavy Laser
Machine Gun
Armor: 3 Coats
Other Equipment: IR Cameras, Searchlight

The Tiger Hawk is a fast-strike hovertank, manufactured be ZKO (Zik-kit Ordinance) Industries.

Description[edit | edit source]

This is a light fast hover tank. Armed with a heavy vehicle laser in the turret. Giving it the ability to engage heavy/hard targets. On the top of the turret mounted at the commanders turret. Is a machine gun for anti-aircraft and anti-infantry use. While not armored enough to slug it out with the big boys. That is not its purpose. It is a skirmisher. Striking quick and beating a hasty retreat.

As a military vehicle, it is highly illegal for civilian to possess this hovertank do to the Arms Proliferation Act (except by UPF Grant #739).

Hover Tank

Top Speed: 200m/t
Turn Speed: 70m/t
AC/DC: 60/40
Crew: 3, Passengers 4
Parabattery: Type 4
Milage: 4 SEU/km
Armor: 3 Coats
Equipment: IR Cameras, Searchlight
Vehicle Heavy Laser
Damage: 1d10 per SEU
Ammo: 500 SEU
SEU: 5-30
Rate: 1
Defense: Albedo
Machine Gun
Damage: 10d10
Ammo: 10 bursts
Rate: 1
Defense: Inertia,

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