Tomar’s Horses
Tomar’s Horses
Type: Large Omnivore
Number: 1-100
Move: Fast – 90 meters/turn, 25km per hour
IM/RS: +6/60
Stamina: 120
Attack: 40
Damage: 3d10 bite and hooves
Special Attack: Stampede: attack score 70, 8d10 damage
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – dry plains

Tomar's Horses are a species of mammal-like furred volturnian reptiloids[1] native to Volturnus, in the Zebulon system.


Tomar's horses look like a cross between a horse and a jackal. They stand 1.6 meters tall at the shoulder and weigh about 400 kilograms. Tomar's horses eat seeds, nuts, grains, berries and meat. They will eat carrion, but prefer fresh meat.

Tomar's horses are cunning. They may stalk their prey, taking advantage of cover to hide their approach. They try to herd their prey into traps so it can not escape. Individual Tomar's horses attack by pawing with their hooked hooves and biting.

A herd of Tomar's horses can attack by stampeding and trampling its prey. When a hungry herd sights prey it will charge the creatures and attempt to trample them. Their Attack score for a stampede attack is 70.

Characters are safe from a stampede if they find hard cover to hide behind. If no cover is available, the character can try to stun or kill one of the lead animals and hide behind its body. There is a 75% chance the herd will charge again if the prey survived the first stampede. If more than one horse was killed in a stampede, there is only a 25% chance they will attack again. A trampled character takes 8d10 points of damage.


  1. Not quite reptiles, not quite mammals, much like the Eorna.
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