TD-19 "stick"

Tornadium D-19 (also called "kaboomite") is the standard plastic explosive of the Frontier Sector. It can be bought legally only by a skilled Demolitionist with no criminal record.

A 50-gram charge[1][2] of TD-19 will cause 5d10 points of damage to anyone and anything within 1 meter of the explosion. Each additional 50 grams causes an additional 25 points of damage.

Anyone farther from the explosion than 1 meter, but within the blast radius, takes one-half damage. The blast radius is 1 meter for every 100 grams of TD-19 used. A thrown charge does full damage to living creatures, but only one-half damage to structures. A 50 gram pack costs 50 credits, and weighs 1 kg.

Different types of primer for Tornadium.

Variable timers and detonators are used to detonate Tornadium D-19. A timer can be set for 1 to 60 seconds, 1 to 60 minutes or 1 to 60 hours.[3] A variable timer/detonator costs 5 credits.[4]

Notes & References[edit | edit source]

  1. 50 grams = 1.75 oz; approximately the contents of a shot glass.
  2. The additional mass when purchasing is due to safety packaging to prevent premature detonation and environmental deterioration. Additionally, this packaging can be used to direct the force of the explosion as a crude shaped charge. Larger charges can be carried in the same packaging.
  3. or combination thereof
  4. "Dispel Confusion" column, Polyhedron #14
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