Tracked vehicles are a type of ground vehicle similar to wheeled vehicles except that tracked vehicles use one or more belts of solid plates of metal or similarly strong material as their means of locomotion.

Tracked vehicles have a decided advantage when used for overland travel in the absence of roads. They are very difficult to bog down in snow, mud or soft soils, and can climb steep slopes (up to 60o) with relative ease.[1] They can stop and turn within their own length if necessary. Larger tracked vehicles can cross gaps up to 1 to 1.25 meters across, and can handle a drop of up to 2.5 meters.

These advantages come with some disadvantages, however. Tracked vehicles are often slower than their wheeled counterparts (reduce top and cruise speed by 20%) and less able to turn quickly (reduce turn speed to 40 meters/turn).

Other disadvantages include noise from the track components (+10 bonus to any check to hear a tracked vehicle) and leaving a disturbed trail in their wake that makes them very easy to track (tracking is automatic for any fresh trail unless extreme measures are taken to hide it).

To make any ground vehicle into a tracked vehicle, simply use the stats for the original vehicle and apply the modifiers above. All other vehicle stats should remain the same.

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  1. GMs should modify any overland travel penalties accordingly.
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