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Trans-Travel is a planetary corporation composed of many different companies all financed by and headquartered on the same planet, Terledrom. The government of Terledrom formed this corporation at the outbreak of SWII.  It was the first of the new mega-corps. All of these companies specialize in some form of transportation or themanufacturing of transport vehicles or machines.  Trans-Travel itself controls 80% of nonmilitary space travel. This includes transportation of raw materials, processed goods, passengers, etc. Trans-Travel's slogan, "Your safest route is with Trans-Travel," is as much a warning to other mega-corps as an advertisement. T-T considers smuggling a serious crime and will punish it by death if given a chance.

Headquarters: Sengsen, Terledrom, Fromeltar
Chief Executive: Ruled by a council of Yazirians whose identities are not common knowledge
Subsidiaries: Frontier Spaceship Manufacturing Corporation, Interstellar Vehicles Co., Hickman Hovercraft, Niles Vehicles, Grubber Aircraft Industries, Stewint Land Transport Company, Curtis Cycle Corporation, Dobson Security Vehicles, Ltd., Moore Labs

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