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Example of Tri-video projection.

Tri-video, commonly referred to as Trivid, is a telecommunication medium used for displaying and transmitting sound with moving images in three dimensions through holographic displays and multiple speakers for stereophonic sound. It can refer to a trivid set (display and speakers), a trivid program (a show or video game), or the medium of tri-video transmission. Trivid is a mass medium used for entertainment, educational programming, news, advertising, and propaganda.

Trivid sets come in different forms:


Example of a tabletop set used to play a holovid game.

Wall displays require an entire wall to be clear and requires the audience to face the wall for best viewing. It is similar to a modern projection display, but with the projection coming from the floor, adjacent walls and/or ceiling, instead of from behind the audience — people can pass behind the audience without casting shadows. Large wall displays for group viewing in theater auditoriums, recreation rooms, living rooms, classrooms, simulated gun ranges, etc. Small wall displays are used for cubicles, private viewing rooms, computer displays, arcade cabinets, etc.

Tabletop displays are installed in a table and display the image upwards. This setup is ideal for conference room environments, with the audience able to view the display from all directions. Large tabletop displays are seen in conference rooms, military command centers, etc. Small tabletop displays are for office desks, research tables, electronic board games, etc.