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A Primer on the United Planetary Federation Marine Corps

The United Planetary Federation Marine Corps (UPFMC) was formed a few years prior to Sathar War II, it is modeled after the Clarion Royal Marines of the White Light system. Their primary role at the time was to act as security detail and boarding crew for UPFS vessels, UPF Forts and Space Stations.

During the Clarion Uprisings, under UPF Security Council Directive 89, ordered  a detachment of Space fleet starships (two brand new Thunderbolt class assault scouts arrived with no crew) to assist the Clarion Royal Marines in patrolling their system.


Hand-picked Junior Lieutenants from Gollwin Academy were ordered to report to Clarion Royal Marine Space Command on Clarion Station for 20 days of combat training, which was composed of Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBBS), Personal Security Detail (PDS), Hostage Rescue (HR), Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Zero-G Combat (ZGC), projectile and beam weapons training as well as martial arts instruction.

Upon completion, these officers were sent on their first assignment aboard a CMS vessel. Of particular note was CMS Osprey. After nearly completing a month of duty, a routine cargo inspections turned out to be a Sathar attempt to board and capture the ship.

After turning back a sathar assault, the UPF Security Council realized that it needed its own standing military force. It authorized the formation of the United Planetary Federation Marine Corps, which would consist of four regiments and various Marine Detachments under Spacefleet command as its security and boarding component. White Light would be designated as its Headquarters and mustering facility.

All Marines would attend 32 weeks Basic Marine training and 3 weeks Advanced training. It is the longest basic infantry training course in the entire Frontier (with the Clarion Royal Marines running second). There they are trained to operate in many different environments, after which they receive 20 days of Marine Space Combat training in Clarion Station. 

Midshipmen from the Academy have a choice between Spacefleet or the Corps after their graduation. With the promise of being a commander of a Spacefleet vessel in eight years (whereas the Corps had none, very few opted to join Marines. Most of the commissioned officers come from the ranks of the Corps' own NCO’s who elect to attend Marine Officer Candidate School.


During the Clarion Uprisings an attack occurred aboard Clarion Station. Following the attack, the UPF Security Council responded to the request of Clarion monarchy for assistance. All four Marine Regiments were brought planet side to conduct COIN operations. Within two years,  the insurgents were crushed. The Corps gained a great deal of experience in low-intensity conflicts and special operations.

With the threat of SW II coming, the White Light sector requested that a new White Light fleet be formed to help cover that part of the UPF. With Prenglar and Cassidine being more likely targets Spacefleet assigned a rag tag group of ships to White Llight, the largest vessel being a light cruiser, the UPFS Aegis.

Since the UPF had no standing army, and with planetary militias being the only defense against an invasion, Marine regiments were deployed to strategic locations across the Frontier. The 1st Marine Regiment was assigned to Prenglar, 2nd Marine Regiment was assigned to Cassidine, and the 3rd Marine Regiment was assigned to Truane's Star. The 4th Marine Regiment remained in the White Light Sector.

In FY91 a Sathar fleet arrived in White Light. The small UPF fleet together with Royal Marine ships mounted a valiant defense against the invasion force. Despite this, a few Sathar drop ships were able to land on Clarion with a unit approximately a regiment in size. Sathar spies had sabotaged planetary defenses and assassinated all of the high-ranking command officers, leaving the militia in disarray.

The 4th Marines, being the only remaining organized fighting unit planet-side, were able to respond quickly to the attack. As the unit's CO was a former Clarion Royal Marines, he knew the planet very well, and was able to organize a counter attack with the remaining Royal Clarion Guards that decimated the Sathar force. During the fighting, King Leotus XIX of Clarion being killed. A small extraction team of UPF Force Recon Marines and elements of the Clarion Royal Guards were able to evacuate his daughter Leotia XX to safety preserving the royal line.

The Sathar fleet was destroyed in White Light, but had succeeded in taking smaller systems where there was little or no resistance, leaving the Frontier on the brink of collapse. The Security Council ordered the formation of the UPF Landfleet, to be the new, standing army of the UPF. As a result, the Corps would be restricted in terms of size, but would keep its role in anti-sathar operations while Landfleet was still being mustered.

White Light-based company Eversafe Enterprises developed a new weapon system called Powered Assault Armor (PAA) based on an exoskeleton currently in use by Corps. The Security Council authorized the formation of PAA units, with Eversafe dictating that only UPFMC units would have access to use the armor.

The Corps formed two elite units specially trained for global assault missions. All veteran UPF marines and Spec Ops personnel were ordered to attend a new training school at Camp David for Space Marine Raider training. The 1st Space Marine Raider battalion and 2nd Space Marine Raider battalions were organized under the command of a Colonel. These units would lead the way in liberating those systems that were taken by the Sathar.

The UPFMC was now four divisions in size. Each was assigned a sector in the Frontier. The 1st Space Marine Raider battalion was assigned to the White Light sector and would attempt to liberate Theseus. That would be where they found intelligence about the existence of Outpost 1.

With Landfleet 90% combat ready, it was decided to have the them spearhead the global assault on Outpost 1. The Corps was ordered to sit the engagement out, except for the 1st and 2nd Space Marine Raider battalions. Their mission was to insert into Outpost 1 and destroy planetary defenses standing in the way of Landfleet's landing zones. Landfleet succeeded in landing 80% of their forces while the Raiders took 60% casualties. The Raiders were sent back to White Light for refit but were no longer reassigned to Outpost 1.

After SW II all Marine divisions were reorganized to regiment-sized units with battalion sized expeditionary forces scattered across the Frontier. All will use Powered Assault Armor. There are three types, the Command Suit, the Marauder Suit, and the Scout Suit are being built. Only Marines from MEU Force Recon (SOC) will be initially trained on these suits.

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