UniHo prefab colonist's hut

Universal Households (UniHo) is a megacorporation specializing in three distinct areas: textiles & clothing, household furnishings, and buildings. [1]

Their synthetic apparel resists grime and wear and is inexpensive. Therefore UniHo makes sure it controls the fashion industry; though made to last longer, their apparel goes out of style yearly.

UniHo furnishings are usually made of plastic or plasteel and are modular in design. Any piece of valuable furniture, such as real wood pieces, are usually made by a sub-contractor. UniHo buildings are pre-fab dwellings, offices, industrial and professional facilities, and so forth.

Speciality buildings are expensive, and are designed and constructed by architectural engineers.

Headquarters: Hyyay, Hakosoar, Scree Fron

Chief Executive: K'an Ku (Vrusk)

Subsidiaries: Two massive ones: Planetary Structures Inc., and Kotiz Fashions Inc.

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