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About meEdit


I'm an artist and role-player. Star Frontiers was my first hard science RPG.

I also enjoy: HeroQuest (the best boardgame ever!), OD&D Supplement V: Carcosa, Conan RPG, Battletech, (any mecha-themed war-fiction with the Silhouette system), (D&D with the Basic Fantasy ruleset), Divine Right, Star Frontiers, Necromunda, Mordheim.

What I Think of the SF SettingEdit

It an interesting setting. It feels like a mix of Star Trek and Cyberpunk. The Star Trek comparison is obvious enough. The Cyberpunk comparison is what really makes the game different from Traveler. Traveler is a vary conservative setting. Known space is vary spread out, and not so centralized. And it has a rough, "truckers in space" feel about it. Star Frontiers on the other hand, feels small and highly centralized to the hub of the Frontier (Cassidine and Prenglar), and not much in the way of frontier worlds. Characters and adventures feel vary cyberpunk (well more like Shadowrun, but without the magic). The characters in the art look more glamorous or stylized, and the adventures are off-the-book missions by unscrupulousness mega-corporations. When I think of a "star frontier", I think of something more along the line of Firefly, with a highly centralized, and self-important hub, and a lot of self-reliant, backwater worlds. I like how they made more cyberpunk (even though it was likely unintentional), because it make it so different. I only wish, is they would have made the frontier a little farther from the hub.

The Sathar treat is also a neat enemy. In Alpha Dawn, they seem to act like "the Red Menace", while in Knight Hawks, they become the like the Japanese Imperial Navy. It feels like at every turn, the books do everything they can to make them as ambiguous as possible.

My preferred way of playing, is to make it vary cyberpunk at the central worlds, and very Firefly in the frontier worlds. I downplay the whole Sathar vs UPF war (or ignore it outright), and focus more on a corrupted Federation vs a zealously independent frontier, or roguish individuals dealing with greedy mega-corporations. In such a setting, Federation ship only guard the central worlds, Star Law, militia, mercenary, rebel, and pirate forces are more pronounced, and the Sathar menace is more about the classic Alpha Dawn styled cold-war espionage, then navel warfare. All-and-all, mega-corps like Pan-galactic - who controls Federation leaders, and owns nearly everything at the hub world - is a greater threat the the well being of the galaxy, then the Sathar.

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