• Jedion357

    Well it’s been two months of intense work to conceptualize, organize and write a new fan magazine for the Star Frontiers community. The hard part was not the writing as I had a lot of written material that looked to not get published unless I took matters into my own hands.

    Still we are bound to only get so far by relying on previously done work. To that end I'm writing all the time: two fresh submissions this week and I may yet get a third in for this calendar week.

    I have some art credits in issue #1 of Frontier Explorer and more of that will occur in up coming issues. I actually need to get serious about illustrations for issue #2.

    Our commitment at FE is to smaller, faster, on time fan zine with a publication schedule that can be counted …

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  • Jedion357

    What has this dralasite has been exploring in the Frontier recently?

    Mooks Without Number - fan module (in development)

    Hazardous environments

    The Dralasite Creed

    A Timeon System Brief

    Terran Fauna

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