Well it’s been two months of intense work to conceptualize, organize and write a new fan magazine for the Star Frontiers community. The hard part was not the writing as I had a lot of written material that looked to not get published unless I took matters into my own hands.

Still we are bound to only get so far by relying on previously done work. To that end I'm writing all the time: two fresh submissions this week and I may yet get a third in for this calendar week.

I have some art credits in issue #1 of Frontier Explorer and more of that will occur in up coming issues. I actually need to get serious about illustrations for issue #2.

Our commitment at FE is to smaller, faster, on time fan zine with a publication schedule that can be counted on. That means if we don’t have art for interior illustrations we are not going to hold up publication. I’ve been dusting off dormant skills from 25 years ago and this is the reason I’m doing illustrations. So as long as there is time FE will go to press with a liberal amount of art or at the very least one picture per article to provide the layout editor with filler!

I’m super excited about our plans for the first year of operation and things are shaping up nicely. Check out the zine at:

Thomas Verreault

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