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    My Headcanon

    August 7, 2017 by SevenHouses

    This is from a Facebook comment I made. Though to share it:  

    Acceleration-based artificial gravity makes Star Frontiers a rarity among sci-fi settings; this dictates not only the design of ships and stations, but also how people interact with them.  

    The FTL methodology of the setting also dictates how ships move from system to system; in the RaW, going from one system to another is not a trivial task; you need to make the course calculations, get the correct heading, spend several days accelerating to the jump and decelerating after it... spending a pretty big chunk of cash in fuel costs (10,000 cr per engine per jump). Then, after the jump, (assuming a ship with size A engines) a sizeable chunk of time overhauling the engines. 

    Clearly, St…

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