The WarTech Inc. military and industrial complex controls about 80% of all weaponry sold, and can influence planetary and system-wide military conflicts. Corporate warfare and miscellaneous battles on the Frontier are usually conducted by members of Galactic Task Force, MercCo, planetary militia, or Landfleet, who all buy their supplies from WarTech (or rent them from the Capellan Free Merchants). It is even reported that private dealers buy weapons for pirate or terrorist organizations from WarTech. It is also rumored that certain "Doomsday" devices were created by WarTech, but were deemed to be too dangerous for public consumption.

Headquarters: Heston, Hargut, Gruna Garu
Chief Executive: Lance "Gunner" Todd (Human)
Subsidiaries: Interstar Weaponry, Nova Explosives Unlimited, Newar Laboratories, Zik-kit Ordinance Industries
Referee note: Unknown to the rest of the mega-corps, WarTech actually has the largest annual income

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