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The War of the Pales (aka the "Pale Food Riots" or "Truane's Star Civil War") took place between the planets Pale and New Pale in the Truane's Star system. The war lasted 5 years (F.Y. 58 - 63) but the events that lead to the war started decades before.

Planetary Information Edit

New Pale is one of the planets in orbit around Truane's Star:

  • Racial Makeup: Mostly Human.
  • Population: 2 million; A few cities, most under 100,000.
  • Economy: Agricultural society.

Pale is the other planet in orbit around Truane's Star:

  • Racial Makeup: Mixed Planet. No dominant race.
  • Population: 11 million; A few large cities and several smaller cities under 100,000.
  • Economy: Most of the economy is based on mining. The planet is rich in metals and fossil fuels. Industrial plants and factories serve as the main employers.

Timeline Edit

  • F.Y. 49 - Pale is struck by the worst groundquake in the planet's history. The quake destroys two major cities, kills thousands, and sends Pale plummeting into a recession as the colonists pour all available resources into recovery. Planetary production declines drastically.
  • F.Y. 53 - Pale is rebuilt and pulls out of its recession. New Pale receives an influx of colonists from Pale and experiences its own growing pains. The increased population of New Pale increases food production, lowering prices. The future begins to look bright again for Pale.
  • F.Y. 54 -The influx of colonists on New Pale puts a strain on the system as the labor pool swells. The original population of New Pale is primarily human, and when other races pour in, taking jobs, the result is a rise in racial tensions. Many political and a few militant groups form.
  • F.Y. 55 - There are three major terrorist attacks on Pale industrial targets by New Pale militant groups. The political factions of New Pale object to these terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, MINER is one of the random targets, and they pour several million credits into recovery. Pale begins a military mobilization. Neither government likes what is beginning to brew on the horizon.
  • F.Y. 56 - A food transport to Pale is sabotaged. HUSP, a predominantly human faction that opposes the 'oppression and manipulation' of New Pale by the Pale government, takes credit for the attack. Pale citizens are outraged and terrified - an attack on food supplies being an attack on their very survival, and demand action. Pale increases its military presence by sending many ships to New Pale. These ships are there only for the protection of vital food shipments, but the citizens of New Pale protest loudly.
  • F.Y. 57 - A second food shipment is destroyed in a bombing at New Pale's major spaceport. This causes Pale to move their military presence planet-side as a "colonial protection" force. No one takes credit for the bombing and rumors spread rapidly. Many believe that forces on Pale were responsible; the attack giving them the excuse to occupy the planet. New Pale begins mobilizing its military as well to 'assist' in the protection of food supplies. Residents of Pale become very nervous about the situation, and a second exodus starts; a war seems inevitable and no one wants to be stuck on Pale with no food.
    Pastense2 534

    Truane's Star Military Expedition Force soldier on the streets of New Pale's capitol city during the war.[1]

  • F.Y. 58 - Despite diplomatic efforts, Pale and New Pale forces clash and the two planets are openly at war. The plans for Volturnus are nearly forgotten. The war is fought primarily using guerilla tactics, as the New Pale military is no match Pale's numbers. Food shipments are attacked frequently. This leads to a number of pitched battles over rich agricultural centers on New Pale.
  • F.Y. 60 - The President and owner of MINER, a vrusk, is kidnapped and later reported killed when his ransom is not paid. His body is never recovered, and his will calls for the liquidation of MINER, with all proceeds to be deposited into a private bank account. It is widely believed that a rival mining company is responsible for his death. Pale is spiralling into depression, which opens the way for warfare on the corporate level. Many mining operations go out of business. Others grow. One mid-sized corporation, Streel, (based in Point True) begins to acquire these small companies, hoping to gain a planet-wide monopoly.
  • F.Y. 63 - Streel controls all mining operations on Pale.
  • F.Y. 63 - The war between Pale and New Pale ends. For three years, Streel poured millions of credits into the war effort, making an effort to end the war (and no doubt to further its relations with the government of Truane's Star). Confronted by a far superior military force, the HUSP s are captured and their leaders convicted of murder. The few remaining factions are wiped away as well. The New Pale military surrenders soon after; the cease-fire is surprisingly civil. The 'undesirable' faction of New Pale's government is replaced, and the two planet's relations begin a slow improvement.By the war's conclusion, New Pale's government joins Pale's to begin joint governance of the Truane's Star system.  

Notes and References Edit

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