Clairion's primary2

White Light primary


White Light star system

System: White Light
Color: Red-Orange[1]
Stellar Classification: M0[2]
Mean Temperature: 3,700 kelvins[3]
Habitable Planets: Clarion (White Light II) (ex-Gollywog)[4]

Subspace Trade RoutesEdit

Timeon white light map

White Light is a major hub in Frontier interstellar trade, with four major routes:

K'tsa Kar - 6 Light-Years
Madderly's Star - 8 Light-Years
Timeon - 10 Light-Years
Theseus - 10 Light-Years

Hazards Edit

Pirate bands are known to lurk in White Light's asteroid belt.[5]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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  2. Zebulon's Guide lists White Light as a F7 (white) star, making it impossible for it to be red-orange.
  3. 3,427°C, 6,200°F
  4. When Star Frontiers was originally published, the planet was called Gollywog, but in later books it was retroactively renamed Clarion, with "Gollywog" being noted as an offensive nickname. Most fans where oblivious over the reason for the name change, and it was generally assumed the staff at TSR thought it as a silly name to begin with. In truth, a "Gollywog" is an obscure black-face doll form England, based on an old children's book. Beyond the "black-face" meaning, "wog" is also a racial slur in the U.K. - basically, the equivalent of the U.S.'s "N-word". Whatever the name was deliberately chosen or not remains a mystery, but it was apparent that TSR found out the meaning and took steps to change it.
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