Winged Rippers
Winged Rippers
Type: Small Carnivore
Number: 4-40
Move: Fast
IM/RS: +6/55
Stamina: 30
Attack: 60
Damage: 1d5 beak
Special Attack: None
Special Defense: None
Native World: Volturnus – all terrains


Winged rippers are scavenger birds that gather in great numbers around any carrion. A ripper looks like a cross between a vulture and a humming bird. Their brownish-gray feathers look tattered, and have a distinct odor of decay.

Winged rippers are impatient and may attack small animals or sick or injured creatures. A large number of winged rippers (more than 20) may attack healthy creatures of man-size or larger. When they attack, the entire flock swoops at the intended victim. As they pass, 1d10 of the creatures will slash with their razor-sharp beaks.

Winged rippers are basically cowardly, however, and if more than one-tenth of the flock is killed, all the rest will flee.

Rumors exist of a larger classification of these creatures that nest only in the highest peaks of Volturnus. These Large beasts are equally cowardly, but can be raised as mounts if captured while young. These giant winged rippers are the source of cave drawings and tall tales, passed on through generations. If these fabled beasts do exist, their statistics would vary as follows: IM/PS +5/45, Stamina 60, Attack 65, Damage 2d10, movement is unchanged while carrying a man-sized load, but is slightly faster when unencumbered.

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