Type: Tiny Insects
Number: 5d10
Move: Fast
IM/RS: +8/75
Stamina: 1
Attack: 50
Damage: 2 points
Special Attack: Swarm
Special Defense: Transparency
Native World: Starmist – Forests


Wispees are 40mm long and they live in hives throughout the forest. A hive of wispees possesses a rudimentary intelligence. It will direct the attacks of its "cells" on other creatures. Wispees are transparent and the only sign of their presence is a small whirlwind effect in the air.

They attack in groups of 5. Divide the number of attacking wispees by 5 and roll the attack number for each group only. A roll of 1-5 on the die will mean that the victim has been bitten for 2 points of damage. The players may strike at wispees with any extension of their bodies classified as an arm. They will hit a wispee group on each successful attack. Roll a percentile die; the wispee group is mashed on 50 or less.

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