Minovsky workpod

Workpod [1]

A Workpod is a single-occupant, space-going "toolbox" that enables a character to make repairs or perform construction in space.[2] The pod is a round object approximately four meters in diameter, with four mechanical arms attached to it.  Six small jets give the pod an exceptionally delicate maneuvering capability.

In addition to the four arms, a workpod can extend a welder, riveter, and net under the control of the operator. The welder and riveter are used for working on ship and station hulls, while the net, which is on a 100-meter tether, is used to retrieve objects adrift in space.

If the operator of a pod wishes to retrieve something with the net, the referee must determine whether the object is in range.  If it is, the pod operator must roll one-half his Dexterity or less (as if shooting a weapon) to capture the object. If the net misses, 10 turns must be spent reeling it back in before the operator can try again.

A pod carries enough oxygen to support it's operator for 20 hours. It may use up to 25 bursts of fuel traveling to the work site and back to its launcher.  Each burst propels the pod at 20 meters/turn.  The tiny jets used to control the pod as it moves around while working are not charged against this fuel supply, since these delicate maneuvers use very little fuel.

A character can enter a pod in one turn when not wearing a spaceuit. A suited character needs two turns to get inside. Once the operator is inside, the pod can be activated and launched from the ship in four turns.

A workpod is standard equipment on all Spacefleet vessels. The chance other types of ships will be equipped with a pod is listed on the Workpod Frequency Table. The percentage following each type of ship is the chance that that ship will carry a workpod. If a second percentage is given in parenthesis, it is the chance that the ship will carry two workpods.


Ship Type Likelihood of Pod Aboard
Agricultural Ship 80% (25%)
Exploration Ship 50%
Freigher 80% (50%)
Militia Vessel 60%
Mining Ship 95% (80%)
Pirate Vessel 40% (5%)
Scientific Research Ship 95% (50%)
Space Station 100%*
Spaceliner 15%

Space stations have 1d10 workpods.

Notes and References Edit

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