Type: Medium omnivore
Number: 20-30
Move: Slow
IM/RS: +5/50
Stamina: 20-100
Attack: 55
Damage: 2-10 (fists or thrown stones)
Special Attack: n/a
Special Defense: n/a
Native World: Lossend — ??

The Wypong are semi-intelligent omnivorous ape-men form Lossend. They troop in groups numbering up 20. They lack a language but use rudimentary vocalizations that convey alarm, aggression or curiosity. They do exhibit tool use with the principal example being very spears or crude bows and arrows amongst the smartest of them but most just throw stones. They have a universal fascination with air vehicles and seem to worship them. Recent research has suggested that this is tied the Wypong’s relationship to the Lossodragon which does prey on small unattended Wypongs, carrying them away.

Their relationship with the farmers on Lossend has been tragic. Viewed as pests and vermin, troops that have destroyed crops and orchards have been wiped out by outraged farmers. Due to their unpleasant odor, the slang term for a Wypong is "skunk ape" or "skunk monkey". This name has also become a serious insult in Lossend society. The Wypong is now protected and the Lossend Rangers are responsible for their management. The Rangers employ capture and relocation as well as putting down overly aggressive Wypongs.

The average stats for a Wypong are RW: 55, Move 45, PS 3, IM 7, RS 65, STA 65

Tools: Spear or Bow and 8 arrows (crude) or thrown rocks

(Wypong cited form Frontier Explorer issue #1, by Tom Verreault, and was based on the Wypong from Polyhedron issue #18, by Russ Horn)

Image taken from the book "Them and Us", by Danny Vendramini.

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