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The Zenk (Vrusk for "family") is a Frontier-wide criminal organization that currently is responsible for most high-credit criminal activities in the Frontier. The Zenk sells its services to anyone but nearly always operates in its own best interests.

There is no criminal activity that Zenk cannot perform, though it prefers to stay away from anything directly related to Star Law, Spacefleet or Landfleet.

No one but a Zenk member or some highly placed Star Law officers would know who runs some of the Zenk operations.

The Zenk is divided into eight different "ta'ark" (Vrusk for "leg"):

  1. Acquisitions: robbery, forgery, embezzlement, etc.
  2. Administration: executives, crime planning, accounting, etc.
  3. Eliminations: murder, arson, body disposals, etc.
  4. Enforcement: strong-arm activities that do not usually involve killing, security, etc.
  5. Information: blackmail, bugging, spying, computer crime, etc.
  6. Leisure activities: illegal intoxicants and entertainment, etc.
  7. Research and development: the creation of new items or methods that help other sections, maintaining the Zenk's equipment, etc.
  8. Support services: activities that support the other sections but that are not included in the definitions of those sections, such as fencing stolen goods, buying off the authorities, etc.

An interesting note on the Information ta'ark is that it supposedly has personnel working within most law-enforcement agencies. On the other hand, most law-enforcement agencies, especially Star Law, have personnel working within the Zenk. Consequently, information obtained by both sides is sometimes planted or altered in efforts to flush out spies on either side.

(Cited from Dragon Magazine issue #109 Patriots, Terrorists, and Spies by Kim Eastland)

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