The Zuraqqor have their own breed of Battle Cruisers. They have four known classes that have been classified by the UPF as A, B, C and D (class-A being the largest), along with the code "ZMS" for "Zuraqqor Military Ship." All cruisers are built large and slow: large because the Zuraqqor believe that their shipboard crew organization should resemble the hive organization as closely as possible, making the cruisers resemble huge, floating fortresses; and slow because the Zuraqqor see no need for speed. Cruisers use ion engines, while all fighters use small atomic engines.

Though slow, cruisers are nonetheless very maneuverable. They usually travel in groups of four, except during certain war situations in which much larger groups have been used. Because no space stations have been detected around Zuraqqor worlds, these warships are assumed to be built on small moons or asteroids. Ships the size of their cruisers could never lift off from a planet of any major size. Cruisers are thought to take years to build.

Class-A are each equipped with a mine-neutralizing mechanism that deactivates all mines within 30,000 kilometers of the ship. This device cannot be duplicated by any other race at this time. Class-A cruisers also each have one fighter bay that can carry one to five fighters. Zuraqqor fighters are also known as "ground strafers" because of their frequent use in planetary assaults.

Notable Zuraqqor Battle Cruisers:

  • ZMS Brtz'krgr (class-B cruiser)
  • ZMS Ktr-Bltz (class-B cruiser)
  • ZMS Drlp'mrztd (class-C cruiser)

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  • Dragon Magazine issue #95 pp 71, 73, The Zuraqqor Strike Back! by Brian Valentine
  1. The article has a typo listing engine size as "A"; actual engine size is determined by hull size; HS-15 uses size "C" engines.
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